Peta's creative calling started in primary school, where she spent much more time on front covers than the contents. She has been obsessed with the visual world for as long as she can remember.

Studying Art & Design initially, she switched to an Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design that led her down a more 'sensible' career path. Whilst still creating art in the pockets of her time between a corporate career and mothering two boys, there was a deep unfulfilled desire bubbling.  


Beyond the corporate world, there have been dabbles in a home screen printing service, a graphic design business, and a personalised stationery offering, but there was still something missing.

Reaching the big '4.0.' was a turning point. Art making became her primary focus.  "If not now, when?" was her plea!


Working out of her stone studio in the renown artist town of Castlemaine, Australia, Peta predominantly works as a painter, though her intuition sometimes leads her into others including; printmaking, film, photography, and sculpture. 

Her subject matter centres around observations of the natural world, in particular botanical forms.

Check out her Instagram feed for live updates. 


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Heartstone Hill Studio - Castlemaine - Australia

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